Sectrio and IDS enter partnership to boost energy and utility cybersecurity

IDS and Sectrio establish a joint lab in Dubai showcasing the latest cybersecurity use cases, solution demos, and tactics and strategies for energy and utility firms

Intelligent Devices & Systems (IDS) and Sectrio have entered a partnership to jointly offer cybersecurity solutions to energy and utility firms in the Middle East. Through this tie-up, both leaders in their respective spaces will pool their efforts to collaborate on helping energy and utility companies firm up their cyber defenses through leading-edge solutions and services.  IDS and Sectrio have also established a lab in Dubai where the two companies will showcase the latest cybersecurity use cases, solution demos, and tactics and strategies energy and utility firms can use to defend and secure their digital footprint

According to the Sectrio’s 2022 IoT and OT Threat Landscape Analysis and Assessment Report, Attacks on businesses in the energy sector are doubling almost every 6 months in the Middle East. Bad actors are targeting companies across the ecosystem through a mix of sophisticated and stealthy malware, evolved breach tactics, and multi-stage phishing.

Given this backdrop, energy and utility firms need to ramp up their cybersecurity posture with active interventions in areas such as threat hunting, intrusion detection, remediation, vulnerability assessment & management, operating with the right threat intelligence, and eye-on-the-glass visibility into network operations. With the deteriorating threat environment, the emergence of new actors and malicious vectors of concern, and the rapid expansion of threat surfaces, energy and utility firms need to invest in securing their operations and digital footprint.

We are excited to partner with Sectrio, a company with industry-leading and proven IoT and OT security solutions for various verticals. This partnership will help businesses strengthen their security profile, minimize risk exposure and deal with cyber threats effectively.

Intelligent Devices & Systems (IDS) 

The joint lab will also serve as a testbed for testing new tech and will also enable security decision-makers to get a first-person view of practices to secure energy and utility infrastructure.

The tie-up between Sectrio and IDS will help energy and utility firms deal with such challenges. In addition to the critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions, businesses can also look forward to focused consulting services and security options around IoT, OT, and IT to ramp up their institutional cybersecurity posture with ease.

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