What’s keeping CISOs awake at night this year? 

By Prayukth K V
April 7, 2022
Whats keeping CISOs awake at night this year

As the pandemic eases its grip on the global economy and business imperatives, new organizational priorities are fast emerging on the horizon. The last two years have forced businesses to pay more attention to cybersecurity and risk management practices and priorities across managed and unmanaged environments while revisiting resource allocation, staffing, and board attention. Businesses and cybersecurity leaders are also taking a closer look at their operational threat envelope and risk exposure with regulatory cybersecurity advisories coming in almost on a weekly basis.  

Some of the new cybersecurity challenges that have emerged in the last two years include: 

  • More regulatory attention on critical infrastructure operators and businesses connected with supply chains  
  • Regulatory bodies are streamlining reporting requirements to remove ambiguity and to ensure that all events are reported within a stipulated period of time. Regulatory bodies and governments are also incentivizing better cybersecurity measures  
  • Reduction in visibility into various networks because of the sudden increase in the number of connected assets  
  • Over 700 percent (as per the findings of Sectrio’s 2022 IoT and OT Threat Landscape Assessment and Analysis Report) increase in sophisticated cyberattacks and complex phishing and data theft activity   
  • Targeted attacks on OT and IoT devices, networks, and on facility-level infrastructure   
  • Security Operations Center fatigue triggered by a huge spike in false positives in threat detection  
  • Institutional threat hunting capabilities have not kept pace with the growth in threats 
  • Significant rise in undetected and unaddressed vulnerabilities  
  • Discipline in patching devices was lost during the initial days of the pandemic which has led to trojans becoming embedded in various parts of the digital infrastructure  
  • Rise of supply chain attacks emerging from entities that are loosely connected with downstream businesses  
  • Rise of APT trained independent actors who are widening the threat spectrum and exposing businesses to new threats  
  • Access and privilege management challenges caused by the use of multiple devices by employees    

With these changes, CISOs are having to juggle multiple priorities, ensure nod from the board at all times, and keep investors and shareholders assured while having to do more with less. With such a roster of responsibilities, it is no wonder that CISOs in many organizations are driving innovation, efficiency, and optimization of assets and solutions used to get things done faster.   

What’s really keeping CISOs up at night? 

We are sure that you can relate to these challenges. But what about your peers in the industry? 

What new challenges are they dealing with? How are they managing the new regulatory mandates, shortage of skilled staff, and expansion of threat surfaces tied to digital transformation endeavors? Has the new level of scrutiny that they are being subject to from within and outside the organization opening up doors for improvement or are they getting bogged down in some way?  

Sectrio’s CISO Peer Survey 2022 will offers answers to these questions and provide deep insights into the strategies and tactics cybersecurity leaders are working with to address such challenges.  

A chance to win 

We invite all cybersecurity leaders across verticals and countries to participate in this survey. Your participation will enable us to turn the survey into a more participative and comprehensive effort.  

Participate in this quick survey and get a chance to win a $100 voucher along with lifetime access to Curated Regulatory Compliance Kits from Sectrio.  Every respondent will also get a complimentary copy of the survey report once it is published in May 2022. The survey report will analyze the findings segregated as per various verticals and geographies and will also have suggestions and inputs from prominent cybersecurity leaders on dealing with these cybersecurity challenges.

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Whats keeping CISOs awake at night this year

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