What is good threat intelligence?

By Prayukth K V
January 13, 2022
What is a Good Threat Intelligence

When it comes to threat hunting and neutralization, threat intelligence is not just essential but is the very foundation on which any threat management effort rests. Without the right cyber threat intelligence, your IoT and OT security could be compromised and your SecOps teams will not be able to work at optimal efficiency.

The components of a good threat intelligence feed

For any threat intelligence feed to be categorized as good, it should meet these criteria:

  • Sourced from global sources: the feed should be drawn from a honeypot network that is global and covers a diversity of devices, architectures, and systems. On this point, it is not the number of honeypot locations, but the geographical spread and the system diversity covered that matters
  • Contextual relevance: the threat intelligence feed should be relevant to the industry and location of the business that is consuming it.   
  • Is available in real-time: if the threat intelligence is offered or consumed after a delay, then its relevance dims
  • Is from a credible vendor: several vendors resell threat intelligence feeds. Such feeds may not just be dated but may also not be up to the mark when it comes to securing your IoT and OT assets
  • Covers all technology streams: a vendor who offers only IT-focused threat intelligence cannot be relied upon to deliver threat intelligence for securing IoT and OT infrastructure

These are but some of the parameters that should be considered. Beyond this, signing up a threat intelligence vendor should be taken up as a strategic exercise. This means that one should use all available forms of diligence while selecting a threat intelligence vendor and their offerings. Operating without the right threat intelligence is akin to leaving the doors open for threat actors to attack your assets undetected.

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      What is a Good Threat Intelligence

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