What is cyber threat intelligence?

By Kiran Zachariah
November 16, 2021
What is Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence can be defined as the evolution of cyber threat information after it has been collected, evaluated, and assessed in the context of its origin, accuracy, and reliability, and after extensive analysis through rigorous and structured tradecraft techniques. It is in fact the knowledge that enables businesses and individuals to detect and prevent and/or mitigate cyber-attacks.

Cyber threat intelligence offers a significant value-add to raw cyber threat information and accurate cyber threat intelligence can mean the difference between detecting a cyberattack and missing it. Which is why you need to partner with a cyber threat intelligence vendor that can provide accurate and contextual threat intelligence to power your cyber threat detection initiatives.

Without the right threat intelligence, threat vectors could slip through cyber defenses and move across networks. Threat intelligence that is relevant gives security teams much-needed visibility into threats they need to be aware of. Small wonder that it is now becoming a major tool in the fight against cybercrime and malware developers. True and contextually relevant threat intelligence should enable decisions to be taken with confidence.

Accurate threat intelligence reduces the cost and time to detect cyber attacks. The cost per unit time spent in detecting cyberattacks is an underrated metric whose relevance is coming into the picture more clearly now. Early detection of a cyberattack saves cost and credibility while time saved in detecting such attacks can be used by the SecOps and SOC teams for deploying more cybersecurity measures or for improving the efficacy of existing steps.  

Questions to ask before selecting a cyber threat intelligence vendor

  • Do they collect their own (organic/native) threat intelligence or are merely an aggregator?
  • Is the threat intelligence offered contextually relevant and proven?
  • Is the collection facility global and spread across enough cities to account for the latest and evolving threats?
  • Can your SIEM consume the threat intelligence easily?
  • Can it account for both IoT and OT threats?

These are but some of the questions that you can ask your vendor. It is essential to sign up the right threat intelligence vendor for this move could mean the difference between deploying a strong cyber deterrent and missing some of the cyberattacks directed against your business or IoT and OT assets.

Sectrio offers contextual and relevant cyber threat intelligence

Only Sectrio offers rich cyber threat intelligence gathered from the largest IoT and OT honeypot in the world. Sectrio’s Threat Intelligence module can help improve your SecOps efficiency, reduce false positives and reduce SoC fatigue while improving your ability to detect existing and new cyber threats.

Gain from the industry’s most trusted cyber threat intelligence product:

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats; find Indicators of Compromise early  
  • Get curated and up-to-the-minute IoT and OT threat intelligence sourced from our vast global network of over 70 honeypots.
  • Close posture gaps and improve SecOps efficiency with comprehensive threat intelligence
  • Build cyber resilience, improve compliance
  • Convey and operate with confidence and ability to ward off complex cyberattacks
  • Analyze risks, distribute resources, and gain a deeper understanding of threats relevant to your business in terms of geography and industry
  • Among the few threat intelligence solutions that can also detect low footprint reconissance attacks

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    Key Points

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      What is Cyber Threat Intelligence

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