OT and IoT Vulnerability management just got a bit more complicated

By Prayukth K V
November 26, 2021
OT and IoT Vulnerability management just got a bit more complicated OG

According to a recent research published by the IoT Security Foundation, as many as 4 in 5 device manufacturers are not offering a public medium for users to disclose vulnerabilities in their products so that they can be fixed. Despite encouragement from governments and regulatory bodies, these device manufacturers are unable (since they may be new and are figuring out the cybersecurity aspects of their devices) or are unwilling to enable users to report vulnerabilities and this is turning out to be a significant challenge as hackers are now working hard to determine vulnerabilities faster and thereby exploit them.

As new generations of devices with new functionalities emerge, so does the specter of new vulnerabilities. The use of unprotected or unmonitored networks and lack of tools for detecting unauthorized activity along with lack of periodic vulnerability scans can lead to a steep rise in cyber risk and put operational sustainability in jeopardy.

Vulnerability management from within is therefore essential if one were to deal with this challenge. With lack of inputs and patches on vulnerabilities from the device manufacturer, companies will then need to rely on a robust vulnerability management solution like Sectrio Vulnerability Management to identify vulnerabilities and rogue devices.

In case of OT, the device vendor may have shut shop years ago or are no longer manufacturing or supporting certain devices in your inventory.

How Sectrio Vulnerability Management Module can help you?

Sectrio Vulnerability Management, can scan and uncover vulnerabilities, conduct deep investigations and prioritize them for addressing based on various parameters. It is the most comprehensive and end-to-end vulnerability management solution in the industry with features that enable you to manage security and cybersecurity posture issues and gaps before they turn into an exploitable threat.

Through passive scan, it identifies endpoints and traffic patterns and captures various device attributes. Smart Probing augments this information with information on firmware and specific CVEs. Any anomalies detected at this stage will trigger alerts and subsequent rules.

Continuous monitoring enables real-time detection and a 360-degree view of vulnerabilities. To augment the exposure information, Sectrio uses the most comprehensive CVE database in the industry. In addition, we also maintain a central device database covering over 40000 platforms. This provides real-time context to the vulnerabilities detected as per the device or network segment.

With Sectrio Vulnerability Management, you can look beyond help from the device vendor to upgrade your cybersecurity posture. This is a must if you are planning to secure your infrastructure and keep hackers at bay.

For guidance on developing an OT cybersecurity policy under the overall enterprise security umbrella, you may wish to download this document: OT Cybersecurity Policy Template.
For more information on identifying cybersecurity gaps in your IT and OT environments, talk to us.

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      OT and IoT Vulnerability management just got a bit more complicated OG

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