Sectrio releases 2022 IoT and OT threat landscape assessment report 

By Prayukth K V
February 21, 2022
2022 threat landscape assessment report

Report documents a staggering rise in cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and supply chains

Sectrio today released the latest edition of its Global OT and IoT Threat Landscape Assessment Report covering the evolving cybersecurity environment surrounding sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, smart cities, maritime projects, and critical infrastructure.

The report prepared by Sectrio’s threat research and analysis team covers data from over 75 cities across the globe covering over a billion attacks and 10,000 (collective and cumulative) hours of analysis of cyberattacks, malware, hacking tactics, network breaches, Dark Web chatter, data leaks, and other important aspects related to enterprise and critical infrastructure cybersecurity.   

The comprehensive threat landscape assessment report has analyzed cybersecurity from five perspectives viz., the evolution of threat vectors, mode of attacks, cyberattacks logged, targets attacked, and cybersecurity gaps exploited. It covers the analysis of stolen data released on the Dark Web and other forums as well.  

Key findings from the IoT and OT threat landscape assessment report: 

  • In countries like India and a few other emerging economies, small and medium-scale businesses were targeted extensively in 2021. In India, this was done using advanced phishing methods. GST, tax filing, and production reporting were the most common themes used by hackers   
  • Supply chain attacks targeting large-scale disruption occurred throughout the year across geographies
  • Attacks on critical infrastructure rose by over 300 percent
  • New sectors are being targeted in North America
  • Malware ‘gangs’ emerging in new geographies; detection of custom-built phishing kits rises
  • The center of gravity as far as global cyberattacks are concerned is still around North America. But it is gradually shifting eastwards every year with rising cyberattacks in APAC and the Middle East
  • India is among emerging ‘malware playground’ countries around the world. Chinese Double Dragon (APT 41) and North Korean Lazarus (APT 38) are among the main state-backed groups targeting India’s critical infrastructure and financial services sectors
  • The average ransom demand for recovering/freeing a GB of encrypted data stood at USD 50,000.  
  • Growth in dead drops: data dumps encountered a rise of 59 percent over 2020
  • Reply phishing emerges as the third most used mode of phishing

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2022 threat landscape assessment report

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