Key to cyber resilience: IoT and OT threat detection without delays

By Prayukth K V
December 2, 2021
Key to cyber resilience IoT OT threat detection without delays og

Cyber Threat Detection: When detecting a threat on your network, every millisecond counts. Any latency in threat detection will give the malware more time to spread or even accept commands from the command and control entity to change to make detection harder.  

How accelerated and real-time threat detection can help you?

In cyberspace, when it comes to IoT and OT cybersecurity, sophisticated hackers do count on a lag in detection (in enterprises) while engineering their malware and planning their breach strategy. This is why in the case of complex malware, hackers may program it to deploy in batches while accumulating code packets from the C&C unit to take advantage of a delay in detection (also aided by low footprint activities of the malware).  

The induced latency on the part of cybersecurity solutions may arise for many reasons. Sometimes it is due to some cybersecurity vendors using myriad solutions that are ‘sutured together’ to form a rudimentary detection engine. By the time data moves from one end of the detection cycle to another, the malware would have got a chance to spread upstream and downstream and into devices and would have already communicated with the C&C unit and shared data. 

In other instances, it could also be because the solution is acting at the device level or is a post-facto detector which means that it can only detect malware once it has crossed a certain level of activity in the network. All of these could potentially slow down response and weaken cyber resilience measures and open up new avenues for hackers to exploit.  

Sectrio’s Threat Detection engine does not suffer from such disadvantages. The solution works as a single agile unit across the network to identify and flag threats and suspicious traffic in real-time. In addition to three layers of threat detection, it is also powered by the largest IoT and OT focused threat intelligence gathering facility in the world spread across 75 cities. This helps in identifying the latest malware as and when they emerge giving hackers no time to exploit gaps.  

With Sectrio, threat detection is rendered a pro-active activity as threats are identified before they have a chance to spread, unlike some of the IoT and OT cybersecurity solutions and vendors out there that work in post-facto mode. Sectrio’s customers are thus rendered secure and do not have to worry about any challenges posed by any deficiency in their solution.  

Don’t pay for latency or post-facto detection. Get real-time and early detection with Sectrio, the leading IoT and OT cybersecurity vendor.   

See how our OT-IoT-IT security solution can handle such threats to your enterprise. Book a no-obligation demo. 

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Key to cyber resilience IoT OT threat detection without delays og

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