IoT and OT cybersecurity: the time to act was yesterday!

By Abhay S K
June 23, 2021
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Yes, the time to act was yesterday, but is it too late to ramp up your cybersecurity posture now? Can investments in multi-level cybersecurity interventions at this point, save us from more cyberattacks in the future?

While post-facto investments cannot secure data lost due to cyberattacks in the past, it can definitely go a long way in protecting your data and assets in the future. Heightened levels of cybersecurity sensitivity along with a plan of action and the right tools can help ward off or at the very least mitigate the impact of brazen cyberattacks.

At Subex Secure, we have always advocated a multi-pronged approach to cybersecurity. It includes adding a good measure of cybersecurity awareness and action to processes, workflows, assets, converged environments, unsecured devices, networks and human-machine interfaces.

To work towards this objective, you need a tool powered by the latest and the most expansive threat intelligence available and has multiple levels of detection capabilities. It should also have the ability to detect rogue assets and any anomalous activity occurring in the network. Subex Secure checks all the boxes here and is a must-have tool in your armour to ward off cyberattacks and hackers. Subex Secure is the best choice to secure and improve your cybersecurity by a factor of multitudes!

Let’s begin with the second question first. Why Subex Secure? The answer to this is quite simple, Subex Secure is a certified vendor which provides a holistic, non-intrusive and comprehensible solution to your cybersecurity needs, which translates to military-grade tech that leverages the untapped potential of AI and ML in securing multiple verticals.

Currently, Subex Secure is at the heart of major smart-city hubs and key-critical infrastructure sectors, protecting innumerable IoT and OT deployments where they converge to work in harmony. We ensure that the cogs of evolutionary technology keep evolving at an incredible pace, without a hitch. And we do so backed by the world’s largest threat intelligence gathering network that constantly learns and ameliorates from unique zero-day’s and 12M sophisticated attacks that register on an average per day.

Now, to the first question. Is it too late for you to opt for cybersecurity? The answer to that is a question you need to ask yourself, can you afford a ransomware attack, data breach and public embarrassment? If yes, then it is too late! Time and time again, we’ve accurately predicted the rising threats and the signs of upcoming devastating cyberattacks in our yearly and quarterly global threat landscape reports. Yet, many don’t act on this vital report for information on the evolving threat landscape and yet choose to disregard it, pay for ineffective services or even outdated ones without realizing the negative impacts! The dangers of even the tiniest oversight far outweigh the risk of a full-blown cyberattack.

Examples of such instances have been witnessed regularly in the past couple of months, to name a few:

  • The ransomware attack on JBS ($11M)
  • The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline ($4.4M)
  • The data breach at Volkswagen impacting 3.3M Americans.

The fact that all the antecedent incidents took place in the last 45 days brings about the seriousness and the gravity of the situation. A more concerning fact is that most still can’t weigh in all the factors affecting them like, the strain on the cybersecurity teams working remotely, the risks of a hybrid workplace and the threats of supply chain poisoning. The risks and dangers of the ongoing asymmetrical warfare to disrupt, destabilize, and monetize cannot further exaggerate the grave situation. The only question now that remains is, can your stronghold withstand the complete might of such cyberattacks?

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