Improving IoT Security: 10 immediate actions to take

By Prayukth K V
January 27, 2022
10 effective measures for improved IoT Security

In the last three days, cyberattacks have risen significantly across the board. Data from our global honeypot network analyzed by threat researchers point to a 70 percent rise in cyberattacks over baseline rates recorded last week. Projects involving IoT have a lot to worry about on the security front this week as most of the attacks we recorded were targeting them.

Going by past trends, we expect the volume of cyberattacks to continue to rise for the next 10-14 days. So there is an urgent need to increase cyber vigil and stay on alert.

In order to secure their IoT devices, networks, and data, we urge security teams to immediately deploy these measures, if they are not doing so already:

  • Investigate and verify access modes, mechanisms and confirm that passwords are not shared (within or outside the organization) and that all passwords used are unique
  • Ensure that all systems are patched and updated
  • Examine your infrastructure for inherent or acquired vulnerabilities. Conduct a deep vulnerability scan  
  • Gather visibility into the footprint of your operations and supply chain and request all stakeholders to conduct self-assessment checks as per the NIST CSF to ensure that all systems are hardened and secure
  • Ensure that all perimeter and non-perimeter-based defenses are working well
  • Stress-test your incident response plan and reexamine your roles and responsibilities matrix to ensure all roles and individuals are well aligned
  • Communicate the need for heightened security across the organization
  • Check all advisories from regulators and other authentic sources  
  • Subscribe to multiple sources of relevant cyber threat intelligence
  • Sensitize employees to keep an eye out for phishing attacks

Sectrio advises businesses to maintain Code Orange across the next 2 weeks till the volume of cyberattacks subsides. If needed, this enhanced state of alert can be continued for an extended period. All stakeholders need to be brought on onboard to ensure the effective execution of an enhanced cyber risk management plan.

Reach out to us to learn about specific strategies to protect your organization.

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      10 effective measures for improved IoT Security

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