Build institutional cyber resilience with facility security plan and checklist

By Prayukth K V
January 20, 2022
Build institutional cyber resilience with Facility Cybersecurity Plan and Checklist

Cyber security policies and practices should be deployed at the most micro level possible to improve its effectiveness. This is one way in which your organization can build and deepen cyber resilience and improve its ability to respond to cyber-attacks promptly. To do this, you need to have a tool that can help you build a plan that will not only test your institutional IoT and OT security preparedness at a facility level, it can also impart a level of robustness in your cyber response strategies and tactics.

This is certainly something that regulators and cybersecurity analysts want you to do. If you take a glance at the latest cybersecurity advisory issued by US CISA, you will see the following cybersecurity theme as far as what they expect businesses to do:

  • Reduce the likelihood of a damaging cyber intrusion, 
  • Detect a potential intrusion, 
  • Ensure the organization is prepared to respond if an intrusion occurs, and 
  • Maximize the organization’s resilience to a destructive cyber incident

For meeting these critical requirements, a starting point would be a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that works at the most fundamental level to secure your business.

Sectrio’s new facility Plan and Checklist has the answers

Sectrio has developed a facility cybersecurity plan/checklist in association with 19 businesses across industries and countries. The checklist will help secure individual facilities that are sub-units of a larger entity such as factories, substations, offshore units, refineries etc.  This tool references standards such as NERC CIP, IEC 62443, various NIST standards, CISA advisories on improving cybersecurity measures, and existing IoT and OT compliance mandates in 13 countries.  

The facility Plan and Checklist tool will help you:

  • Prepare your critical facilities for a cybersecurity upgrade across levels
  • Identify starting points for deploying new measures to improve cybersecurity and risk management
  • Get your facilities ready to align with IEC 62443, NERC CIP, and several other key compliance mandates
  • Understand which areas of your cybersecurity architecture require resource attention
  • Standardize your cybersecurity responses and build plans at device, SCADA, PLC, and industrial communication systems (ICS) levels
  • Improve cyber governance and risk management measures at a facility level
  • Identify gaps and priority cybersecurity areas needing immediate attention
  • Respond to cybersecurity advisories from regulators faster
  • Use the template to derive your journey towards an ideal cybersecurity posture
  • Probe various aspects of your operations to secure them
  • Deploy an incident response plan, improve coordination at all levels
  • Improve policies, plans, and procedures to implement specific security measures

This tool is a must-have for all CISOs. You can download the tool for free here: Facility Plan and Checklist

In case you need more information or wish to offer feedback, feel free to reach out to us.

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      Build institutional cyber resilience with Facility Cybersecurity Plan and Checklist

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